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    We are professional land estate agents in the UK

    Eaton Land Agents are a specialist commercial land company that buys, sells, and develop sites across the whole of England. Eaton Land Agents has years of experience in buying and selling land for developers, investors, and private individuals. Each year we sell thousands of plots all over England through our network of local offices and agents. Part of this service includes all legal expenses and planning costs should these be necessary, as well as advice on how you may use your land for commercial or residential development.

    Connect with a trusted and professional Land Agent that makes the best way to sell your land. You can also enjoy all the benefits of working with us, like our free plot visit valuation and general recommendations for premium prices.


    Our Best Services

    Thinking Of Selling Your Land?

    Eaton Land Agents is a well-established, family-run company that specialises in purchasing small or large plots of land and obtaining planning permission.


    If you want to develop your land but lack the resources, we can set up an agreed joint venture in which we will fund and manage the project, or we can make you an offer subject to planning permission being granted.

    Planning Permission

    We are confident that we can assist you if you want us to obtain planning permission on your behalf to increase the potential value of your land, with the benefit of an in-house planning expert and financial aid.

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    Garden land between houses

    Infill plots of land between existing properties

    We purchase infill land between existing properties. The filling of a small gap within a small group of houses or built-up frontage. This definition could be used to describe a large side garden or even an area between two houses.
    Commercial property in the greenry

    Commercial Land/Scrapyards

    Choose us if you want to sell commercial land without paying estate agent fees. We buy commercial land without any nasty hidden fees. Please dial up us for a free valuation and quote. We can even purchase your commercial property faster than the auctions!

    Large land behind the houses for development

    Back garden / backland development

    We’d love to hear from you if you think your garden has the potential for a plot. We can offer both free planning advice and full plan solutions. We can assist you in converting a plot and also purchase it from you.

    Derelict or old house in the greenery

    Derelict or old houses ready for demolition

    Your search is over when the land buying company ltd is in scope. If you happen to have been left with property or estate and are thinking of selling it, please dial us up! We will be providing a complimentary site visit followed up by an offer for a simple speedy transaction.
    A Land With disused farms

    Derelict or disused farms

    Eaton Land Agents is always interested in purchasing these sites; if you are considering selling, please ping us so we can do a free site visit, valuation, and offer.
    Disused Brownfield sites for re development

    Brownfield sites

    If you own some land that has been developed or has been used to run a business, whether it is still in use or not, you have a brownfield site. This type of land is specifically purchased by the land-buying company. We would provide a free site visit, followed by a free valuation and offer.
    A Green Land with enforcement notices

    Land with enforcement notices

    If you own land that has had enforcement notices served on it and are considering selling, please call the land buying company ltd. We will provide a complimentary site visit, quick valuation, and quote an offer to purchase.
    Greenbelt Land For Development With Dimension Lines

    Greenbelt land

    Eaton Land Agents specialises in purchasing green belt land with any type of development, even if it is dilapidated. We provide a free site visit, valuation, and usually offer a premium price for this type of land.

    Property with Land for Sale

    How to sell my land via Eaton Land Agents?

    Eaton Land Agents is a well-initiated, family-run enterprise that specializes in purchasing small or large plots of land and getting planning consent where required. You can contact us by phone, email, or by completing the form at the bottom of our site. We are genuine and do not use high-pressure sales schemes and give free, friendly suggestions.

    How to sell property with land for sale?

    Usually, Land Agents look for those projects which offer them all the necessary amenities. But at Eaton, we provide the best Land Selling Agents. We give a free plot visit valuation and generally recommend a premium price for the land.

    Which sites do we buy?

    Land Agents Wanted to buy the following plots the most:

    • Infill plots of land among existing properties
    • Commercial Land/Scrapyards
    • Back garden/backland development
    • Derelict or old houses ready for demolition
    • Derelict or disused farms
    • Brownfield sites
    • Land with enforcement notices
    • Greenbelt land

    So, sell your land and get the best price.

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